Friday, January 11, 2008

Nothing but side dishes at Sonsie

Veggie friendliness (at brunch, anyway): Two out of five stars

I got shot down by the waitress during brunch at Sonsie more than I liked. She told me that they didn't accept any substitutions on any dish, which immediately cut my options down. The side dishes I got were yummy, but it was frustrating not to be able to order any egg dishes at all. To be fair, they did offer French toast, which was vegetarian, and the huevos rancheros could be ordered without the sausage side -- but I’m always skeptical of the true vegetarian-ness of refried beans, and the eggs could only be made sunny side up (not even the way the eggs were cooked could be substituted), which I am not a fan of.

Anyway, I enjoyed the home fries immensely -- crisp with onion slices and plenty of salt. The yogurt with honey and granola was also very good, with chewy, probably homemade granola. The English muffin wasn’t that warm and by the time the butter finally arrived, it was too late for it to melt.

So, it was a nice place to be for Sunday brunch, but sadly lacking in veggie friendliness. I had better luck there another time for drinks and appetizers, so I think I'll stick to the later-in-the-day Sonsie.