Sunday, June 29, 2008

"Bulgur" doesn't sound delicious

But it can be! I have twice recently cooked with bulgur -- first to make these bulgur veggie burgers from Gourmet. Never having made veggie burgers before, I followed the recipe exactly. The mix, which is vegan and middle-eastern-y, was really delicious, but it didn't bind very easily into patties, so next time I'd either chill the "dough" for a while before forming burgers or add something like breadcrumbs (I did cover the outsides with panko so they wouldn't be so sticky/hard to handle). Quite tasty served open-faced on toast, or just by itself as I ate the leftovers. John suggested using them in wraps which I think would be a good solution to the crumbly-texture problem, and would be almost like falafel.

Since I have lots of bulgur now, I decided to make tabouli this weekend. I winged this one, soaking the bulgur in boiling water until tender and then mixing with garlic, lemon juice, red wine vinegar, olive oil, green onions, tomatoes, cucumber, radishes, lots of fresh parsley and mint, and feta. Mmmmm! This was sooo much better than packaged tabouli (duh). And super refreshing and healthy-feeling on a hot day. Alas, tragically, after we'd eaten only a little, John dropped the container and spilled most of it all over the kitchen floor. I almost cried but managed to keep it together. It now lives only in my memory.

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Christine Cignoli said...

Mm, bulgur! I had forgotten about tabbouli this year...Homemade tabbouli is the perfect summer food. Last summer we ate it a lot wrapped in romaine lettuce leaves with feta.
Also I recently experimented with bulgur "meat"balls which turned out pretty well. I basically substituted the bulgur for ground beef, and mixed in the other ingredients as usual--egg, garlic, breadcrumbs, spices. Oh and some ground walnuts too. Then I chilled for awhile and cooked in olive oil. Yum.