Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Poop Briar

I'm giving the Green Briar Pub in Brighton Center negative stars for extreme un-veggie-friendliness and general crappitude. I ended up here with a few friends, two of whom wanted to watch "the game," and we scored a booth whereby that half of the party had a great view while the other half could fix our gazes elsewhere. Good company and decent wine saved the night, but the food did its damnedest to suck. "Supreme nachos" were tricolored chips from a bag with an extremely meager amount of cheese congealing on a few of them, and a few canned black olives and jalepeno slices thrown on as an afterthought, with a little watery salsa on the side. I think the management confused "supreme" with "piss-poor." Due to an extreme shortage of vegetarian options, John and I ordered the "Chopped Salad" sans chicken. This was described as "Chopped lettuce, grilled basil chicken, Feta cheese, vine ripe tomatoes, cucumber, and toasted pine nuts tossed with fresh thyme and sherry vinaigrette." Sounds passable, right? Wrong. This salad had zero flavor thanks to anemic lettuce, horrible, cold, pasty tomatoes, and generic Balsamic vinaigrette in place of the described dressing. The feta and miserly pine nuts not only didn't improve the flavor, they tasted pronouncedly funky. We complained loudly about the $11 price tag on this plate of shit and, at least, our waitress nicely removed it from the bill. We asked for the mac 'n' cheese as a replacement, hold the "Tasso ham" (the waitress okayed this request). The dish arrived and was tasty enough ... but guess what? The ham was in force. I ate around it and my semi-veg boyfriend sucked it up. All in all, highly unrecommended for vegetarians and conscious humans.

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